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E-commerce in Sri Lanka is growing fast. In recent years, the government, banks, and companies have committed themselves to digitalization, steadily encouraging the use of online services and transactions to become commonplace.

In its dedication to logistics excellence, DHL constantly finds new and better ways to keep up with the latest commercial needs. In the current climate, our eyes are firmly set on maximizing the e-commerce performances of our global and Sri Lankan customers.

Partner with DHL to Keep Up with the Clicks

E-Commerce is THE way to shop for nearly 2 billion people. If you’re an online retailer, success can be simply a question of how you manage to keep up with the clicks.

To stay ahead of the global e-commerce trend, you'll need to adapt quickly. And with our solution-driven partnership, your business will be on its way towards game-changing success.

Preferential Rates

Profit from attractive prices for business based on shipment volume and frequency.

Outstanding Support

Increase efficiency and control your shipments with our exclusive DHL shipping tools.

World-class Services

Benefit from our global experience and a large, reliable logistics network.

Keeping Up via On-Demand Delivery

As our key e-commerce express solution, On-Demand Delivery (ODD) makes receiving shipments more flexible and convenient by offering 6 delivery options to suit your customers’ preferences.

Self pick-up at a ServicePoint

Signature or non-signature-required release

Delivery date scheduling and rescheduling

Release to a neighbor on behalf of the recipient

Delivery to another address

30-day vacation hold

ODD is not only free of charge, it also lets you include your very own corporate branding— with options to use your logo and sender’s name in email communications to your delivery recipients!

With flexible and personalized arrangements for both you and your customers, ODD is the trusted solution to improve delivery speeds and significantly minimize failed deliveries.

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Keeping Up with Our E-commerce Stories

Discover how your brand can be optimized for a future of e-commerce, and what we are doing on big and small scales to make growth happen every day.

The Clicks of Sri Lanka

As e-commerce is fast becoming the default way to shop, it’s time for your business to swim with the flow or even run the show in a virtual world. Our e-commerce experts are here to help you learn, adapt, and innovate. Start today.



Whether it's our time-saving online shipping application or industry-leading transit times, we keep your shipments moving at full-speed.





From waybill preparation to delivery, we're focused on making every part of your shipping experience as fast, efficient and simple as possible.





With competitive upfront pricing for door-to-door delivery, we maximize your budget by tailoring affordable solutions that meet your needs.




Why an express option

  • Retailers who offer express shipping grow 1.6 times faster than those who don't
  • Average basket level increased by up to 71%*
  • An Express courier service option increases customer choice and speeds up delivery
  • 45% of shoppers have abandoned an online basket because of unsatisfactory delivery options
  • 39% of these shoppers said it was because delivery would take too long

*Statistics from current DHL customers

Frequently asked question

Get end-to-end tracking and round-the-clock updates with 24/7 phone support only we can deliver.
  • Which currency will shipping costs be calculated in?

All charges are negotiated locally and billed in Singapore Dollars (SGD).

  • Is this offer available for existing customers?

This offer is only available for new customers who do not have a DHL Express account yet.